As women age it’s natural for breast tissue to appear saggy and smaller. Breastfeeding can also contribute to this unwanted change in appearance. If you would like to increase your breast by one or two cup sizes and are considering implants, we at Advanced Liposuction Center would like to offer a better alternative: natural breast augmentation. With the fat transfer technique, you remove fat from an area of your body where it is unwanted (love handles, abdomen and thighs are all popular choices) and use it to naturally add volume to your breasts. Below are 10 benefits of this procedure over implants:

  1. By using your own body fat you eliminate the need to introduce anything foreign into your body.
  2. Natural breast augmentation is permanent. No need to replace silicon or saline after a period of time.
  3. The results of our fat transfer procedure are natural looking and feeling breasts.
  4. Natural breast augmentation does not interfere with future mammograms.
  5. This procedure is completely safe and very few complications have been reported. Since you are using your own fat, tissue reactions are virtually impossible.
  6. The fat transfer and breast augmentation can be performed in our recently renovated Cranberry Township medical facility. (Note: You will need a driver to take you home after the procedure is completed.)
  7. Mild sedation and local anesthesia are all that’s needed to perform the fat transfer procedure.
  8. Your natural breast augmentation results in less than 48 hours of downtime, with very little pain and discomfort. Most patients can resume light exercise two weeks after the procedure and even begin upper body activities three weeks after the surgery.
  9. Our minimal incision surgery greatly reduces the risk of scarring.
  10. We offer free consultations at any of our 9 Pittsburgh area offices. Have more questions?

Am I A Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Before you go for a breast augmentation surgery, you need to make sure you are a perfect fit for it, otherwise you may face many complications or the surgery may not go well. Here are some requirements to be a good breast augmentation candidate:

  1. You Must Have Good Physical Health

To be a good candidate you must make sure you do not have any skin infections, cancers, or any other underlying conditions. Such things can interfere with your surgery and make it difficult to work, sometimes even unwanted results may appear as well, which why make sure you are healthy before you go for the surgery.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations

Breast Augmentation is just a breast surgery which is used to correct the shape and size of your breast, so do not expect it to change your overall appearance. Also, do not doubt or overthink about results, they may take some time and will not appear right away, so have patience and rest during your recovery period.

  1. Make Sure You Can Rest After Surgery

No matter what surgery, rest is important. You can’t just start working from the next day of surgery and expect results. Incisions will take time to heal, but if they get enough rest then they can heal faster. So make sure you give enough rest to your body, avoid chores, avoid heavy lifting works and take a break from your job. If you have babies then ask someone to take care of them since work means stress and stress means slower healing.

  1. Choose This Surgery If You Are Unhappy with Your Breasts

If your breasts are elongated, flattened, or asymmetrical, then you are a good patient for this surgery. As long as you aren’t satisfied or feel bad about your breast you can choose breast augmentation to fix them.O

Our expert cosmetic surgeons will be happy to meet with you and go over the procedure. They can then custom design a plan that meets your personal body improvement goals. To schedule your complimentary appointment, contact us by calling: 724-683-7581 today.