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Fat Transfer and Buttocks Sculpting

The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of our fat transfer procedures. Dr. Giraldo removes fat from selected areas of your body, purifies the fat in a sterile environment, then re-injects selected high quality fat cells into the buttocks. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of the buttocks, lower quadrant and/or preferred sculpting so that the buttocks appear lifted and perky. The resulting effect is much smoother, some due to major reduction of cellulite dimples, that the woman and men feel and appear more voluptuous and sensuous.

There are 2 different ways to enlarge your buttocks:

  • Brazilian Butt Lift: Fat grafting or fat transfer to the buttocks
  • Buttocks Implants: Insertion of silicone implants


Dr. Giraldo will recommend buttocks implants over the brazilian butt lift only if the patient is very petite and has no body fat stored. If the patient has enough donor fat, Dr. Giraldo prefers to augment the buttocks using fat grafting. He believes that this method results in the most natural and sensual look for the buttocks area. The fat transfer method has a lower risk of infection compared to the butt implant procedure. An additional benefit of this fat transfer method is that you not only get a more shapely buttock, but the area liposuctioned is now much leaner, giving your profile a more sensuous look. Dr. Giraldo prefers the Brazilian Buttlift as the combination of liposuction and fat grafting produces to create and sculpt the most attractive and natural profile.

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The ideal candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift is any woman or man that is unhappy with their buttocks and wants a more lifted, plump shape. The candidate should be in good overall health and not obese. There are very few patients who will not benefit from the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure.

Dr. Giraldo has performed many high volume, in-office liposuction (4 liters) cases and high volume fat transfers to the buttocks (more than 2 liters), which allows for an improvement in the buttocks plumpness and volume to maximize results.

Most cosmetic surgeons have not performed as many fat transfers as Dr. Giraldo. We have found that more than one liter per buttock is safe and the patients enjoy the dramatic changes in their appearance. Approximately 50-75% of the fat typically survives the transfer, meaning the results will be permanent.

Dr. Giraldo sees every body type imaginable, from short buttocks to long, wide, skinny, muscular, sagging, flat, etc. He is confident that he can improve anyone’s body shape with his technique and experience. The fat transfer procedure has extremely low risk of complications and has a high satisfaction rate from patients.

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Dr. Giraldo uses mild conscious sedation with local anesthesia throughout the entire fat transfer procedure. We use a cannula (small surgical tool) to remove the fat. The cannula is connected to a vacuum, producing a gentle suction mechanism to remove the targeted fat. Modern liposuction advancements target the fat cells and leave a natural collagen shape. Dr. Giraldo introduced the Body-Jet Liposuction procedure. This modernized technique combines pressurized water to access the fat tissue, while sparing the remaining area and stem cells. Using this technique is key because there we do not have to enhance the area with platelet rich plasma (PRP), or stem cell isolation. The fat is emulsified while also being extracted. Then, after the fat is processed through the LipoCollector-3 Device, it is ready to be transplanted if desired.

Gentle Harvesting is the Key

During a liposuction, patients can choose to harvest the fat during the procedure, which means the fat is gently removed from the liposuction area (usually the abdomen, buttocks, thighs or love handles) with a small tool so the fat cell will not become damaged. Then, the fat is placed into a centrifuge which eliminates excess fluids and the dead fat cells are removed. From here, the fat is injected into the desired area (common areas include breasts, cheeks, forehead, neck, buttocks) with a small tool, either slightly under the wrinkle or, in some cases where there is a high vascularity inside of the muscle, the fat is placed in the deep layers of the muscle. The patient’s body will feel tight for a few days and he or she should rest and limit physical activity.


  • Patients must arrange a family member or friend to drive them home after surgery. We recommend this person stays with the patient for 1­2 days post­surgery.
  • Wear the compression garment for 2 days without removal. After 3 days, the garment can be removed and placed back on. Patients must wear the garment for 3 weeks.
  • Patients may shower when they are comfortable. Baths should be avoided for 2 weeks. Hot tubs should be avoided until the incisions have closed.
  • Keep treatment area as clean as possible to prevent infection.
  • Patients should rest for the first 12 hours after surgery. Walking is encouraged immediately but strenuous exercise (lifting weights, aerobics, running) should be avoided for 2­3 weeks.
  • Patients may be discolored and swollen, so it’s recommended to rest for at least 24 hours. Swelling can last up to 2­4 weeks.
  • If patients experience nausea, stick to dry crackers and carbonated sodas. If not, patients may start slowly with bland food and liquids. Drink plenty of water.
  • Alcohol combined with medication is dangerous, so carefully follow instructions with your medication.
  • Patients should not smoke for at least 14 days after surgery.
  • In order to ensure best results, follow all instructions from the doctor and his staff and visit us for your postoperative appointment(s).
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Brazilian butt lift
Where is the procedure performed? How long does it take?
Brazilian Butt Lift is performed at our Cranberry Township surgical suite with local anesthesia and mild sedation as an outpatient procedure (patients can go home that day). The procedure typically takes several hours in the office
Who should get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The ideal candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift is anyone who is in good overall health but has excess fat to donate to their buttocks for the transfer. The fat is needed to create a round, perky buttocks. Very thin patients are not good candidates for fat transfer to their buttocks and they might be advised to go another route to ensure successful outcomes for their goals.

Which areas of my body will be used for my donor fat for fat transfer?

The most common donor areas are the abdomen, thighs, lower back and waist.

Can I get implants in my buttocks?

Buttocks implants are very limited meaning they can only produce volume to one target area, therefore contouring and sculpting cannot be performed to shape the buttocks. Additionally, butt implants feel less natural than fat transfers because it is technically a “foreign invader.” Implants also have a higher risk of complications such as infection, sagging, implant displacement, wound healing problems and capsular contracture or scar tissue issues.
How much fat can be injected into each buttock?

There is no exact amount of fat that should be transferred per side. The amount depends on the volume of quality fat obtained during the transfer. People who have more fat can generally have more fat injected (between 200 cc ­ 1000 cc each side). The technique is more important than the amount of fat transferred. Dr. Giraldo’s technique ensures the fat is injected properly so its survival rate is elongated.

How much fat will I keep?

Since your own fat is being transferred within your body, it does not reject it as a foreign invader like it can do with implants. It actually provides a new blood supply to the fat tissue.It’s difficult to predict how much will be absorbed by each person. Patients should not compress the buttocks after treatment and should put as little pressure on it as possible for 6 weeks to ensure the best results. Patients should maintain good diet and exercise post treatment to obtain optimum results.
When can I exercise after my treatment?

Patients should begin walking as soon as possible. We recommend patients avoid lifting weights and aerobic exercise for approximately 2­-3 weeks post surgery. This allows for the fat cells to nest in the target areas in order to permanently survive.
If I lose weight after surgery, what will happen to my buttocks?

The size of the buttocks can decrease or increase, depending on the amount of fluctuations; the fat acts like all other fat on the body. If you gain weight post­ surgery, you might notice an increase size of buttocks in addition to your increased body fat. If you lose weight post-surgery, you buttocks may reduce a little as well as the rest of your body.
How long is the Brazilian Butt Lift recovery?

We recommend most patients take 7-10 days off of work to fully recover from the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Some patients add pillows to their chairs for the first 1­-2 weeks to ensure permanent results.

When can I sit down after my Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

Patients must wear a compression garment from their knees to their waist for 6 weeks post­ surgery. The positioning after the surgery is extremely important; some patients might feel more comfortable sleeping on their stomach or sides during the recovery time. Patients can sit down on their buttocks after surgery as long as they have a special cushion or pillow placed under their thighs (may purchase online). Following either the brazilian butt lift, you must not sit directly on your buttocks for up to 6 weeks. This ensures for a permanent result. Most of the noticeable swelling disperses within the first 2­4 weeks post surgery. With any fat transfer procedure, some fat can shrink with time, but by 6 months you will be able to see how much of the fat volume will be permanent. The Brazilian Butt Lift allows Dr. Giraldo to sculpt and increase the size of the buttocks to appear more youthful and bountiful.
Can I have another procedure done at the same time as my Brazilian Butt Lift?

We can perform other procedures such as a breast augmentation or liposuction during the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Some patients choose to do this to reshape their bodies. Home

How long do the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift last?

The longevity of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) results varies among individuals. While some fat transfer may be reabsorbed, a significant portion typically remains. Results are influenced by factors like individual metabolism, lifestyle, and weight fluctuations. On average, many patients enjoy long-lasting outcomes, with some reporting results lasting several years. Maintaining a stable weight and following post-operative care guidelines can contribute to the longevity of results. Periodic touch-up procedures might be considered for those who desire sustained fullness.

Can a Brazilian Butt Lift be combined with other cosmetic procedures?

Yes, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) can be combined with various cosmetic procedures to achieve comprehensive body contouring. Common combinations include:

1. Liposuction: Often performed in conjunction with a BBL to harvest fat from other areas for injection into the buttocks, enhancing overall body proportions.

2. Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): Combining a BBL with a tummy tuck addresses both abdominal and buttock concerns, offering a more complete body transformation.

3. Breast Augmentation or Lift: Some individuals opt for breast enhancement procedures along with a BBL to achieve a balanced and harmonious overall aesthetic.

4. Thigh Lift: For those seeking improved contours in the thighs, a thigh lift can complement the results of a BBL.

What kind of anesthesia is used during a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure?

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is typically performed under general anesthesia. General anesthesia ensures that the patient is completely asleep and unaware during the surgical procedure. This allows the surgeon to perform the fat harvesting through liposuction and the subsequent fat injection into the buttocks comfortably. The use of general anesthesia ensures patient comfort and safety throughout the surgery. However, the specific anesthesia plan may vary based on individual health factors, the surgeon’s preferences, and the surgical facility’s protocols.