Advanced Liposuction Center Pricing

Cosmetic Body Treatments

shutterstock_92376865Body Contour
Non-surgical, FDA approved treatment that reshapes, contours and rejuvenates the body by increasing production of cellulite.
1 session $300, 3 sessions $800, 6 sessions $1,500 (50% off for VIP)

Body Wraps FDA-cleared, non-invasive solution for body contouring AND cellulite reduction.
1 session = $69, 3 sessions $175, 5 sessions $299 10 sessions $499 (50% off for VIP)

*Package with Body Wraps & Body Contour – Add same amount of wraps for $100 ($750 for 6 of each treatment)
*Up to $500 spent on Body Contouring or Wraps can be re-used towards liposuction if optimal results are not met.

Brachioplasty – mini
Safely and effectively reshapes the upper portion of the arm; can be used in fat transfers.
Price: Start at $6,600-$8,800. Specials for adding additional areas! (3 area max) (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)

Water Lipo and Tickle Lipo are FDA to safely and effectively removes fat from the body.
Price: Start at $3,850. Specials for adding additional areas! (3 area max) (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)

Fat Transfer
Fat transfers are an effective, safe and simple procedure that provides patients with natural results that increase volume and plump sagging skin due to aging (usually abdomen, love handles or lower back).
Price: Start at $3,300. (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)(*in addition to liposuction)

Natural Breast Augmentation – Our technique employs the latest technologic advances in fat harvesting, adult stem cell transfers, and breast splinting technology to provide women the option of enlarging their breast using their own fat without the use of unnatural implants.
Price: Start at $3,300. (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)(*in addition to liposuction)

Breast Implants – $8,000

Brazilian Butt Lift – Results in a youthful, prominent, perky buttocks and a more sensual body profile.
Price: Start at $3,300. (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)(*in addition to liposuction)

Inverted Nipple: unilateral -$1,350     Bilateral $2,200

Blepharoplasty- Lower only $2,250

Labiaplasty $3,300 


Aesthetic Facial Treatments

shutterstock_202458838Injectables – Relax your muscles and smooth away wrinkles and fine lines with FDA approved products including Botox, Dysport and Xeomin.

Botox– Normally $16/unit but on special for $14/unit! Call Now for V.I.P. specials or Parties of 4 or more.
Dysport- $4.75/ unit for 1 area, $4.25 for 2 areas
Xeomin – Call for special pricing

Fillers – Builds cheek bones, fills lips and nasolabial folds and provides long lasting results for up to 2 years.
Juvederm Ultra: First Vial $599, Second Vial $449
Juvederm Ultra Plus: First Vial $599, Second Vial $449
Juvederm Voluma: First Vial $699, Second Vial $549
Restylane Silk First Vial: $549, Second Vial $399
Restylane: First Vial $549, Second Vial $399
Restylane Lyft: First Vial $549, Second Vial $499
Sculptra: First Vial $799, Second Vial $599

Radiesse: First Vial $649, Second Vial $599
Belotero: First Vial $549, Second Vial $399

Kybella – First Session $599, Second Session $549, Third Session $499
FDA-approved injection that removes unwanted double chins by breaking down the body’s fat cells.

Earlobe Repair – Based on the extent of damage (1 ear or both ears) –  1 Lobe Starting at $650-$850 or 2 Lobe Starting at $1350-$1750


Other Treatments

Umbilicoplasty – Belly buttons can be repaired from damages from pregnancy, weight loss/gain, rings in 1 hour.
Price: Start at $3,300. (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)

Labiaplasty – Repair enlarged labia due to factors including genetics, age and childbirth can contribute to women developing a laxity of vaginal tissues.
Price: Start at $3,300. (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)

Inverted Nipple Correction – Inverted nipples are caused by genetics, infection, weight loss, breastfeeding complications, trauma, aging, breast cancer (carcinoma) and pregnancy.
Price: Start at $1,359 one nipple. (No additional fees for room or anesthesia.)

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Skin Care Treatments



Every person has different wishes, additional areas or custom treatments that can be tailored or discounted to your needs. All prices are approximate and subject to slight change, pending consult.

Should you get cosmetic surgeries if they aren’t in your budget?

Getting cosmetic surgeries that aren’t within your budget can have financial and emotional consequences. It’s important to carefully consider the following factors before making such a decision:

  1. Financial Responsibility:

Cosmetic surgeries can be expensive, and going into debt or compromising your financial stability for elective procedures may lead to financial stress.

  1. Long-Term Impact:

Cosmetic surgeries require maintenance and potential additional costs for follow-up appointments, revisions, or complications.

  1. Priorities:

Assess your financial goals and priorities. Spending on non-essential procedures might hinder your ability to meet other important needs or goals.

  1. Expectations:

Ensure your motivations for undergoing cosmetic surgery are realistic and not driven solely by societal pressures or unrealistic ideals.

  1. Alternatives:

Explore non-surgical options or less expensive procedures that can provide desired results without the same financial burden.

  1. Emotional Preparedness:

Cosmetic surgery can have emotional impacts, both positive and negative. Be sure you’re prepared for potential changes in your self-image.

  1. Research and Consultation:

If you’re still considering the surgery, research reputable surgeons and have consultations. This can help you understand costs, risks, and outcomes better.

  1. Savings:

If you’re set on the procedure, consider saving up for it over time, ensuring it fits within your budget.

  1. Insurance:

Cosmetic surgeries are generally not covered by insurance unless they have a medical necessity. Confirm whether any aspect of the procedure might be eligible for coverage.

  1. Quality of Life:

Consider whether the surgery truly enhances your quality of life and self-confidence in a way that justifies the expense.

Are cosmetic surgery alternatives worth it?

Yes, considering alternatives to cosmetic surgery can be worth it. Non-surgical options, lifestyle changes, and self-care methods can provide satisfying results without the expense, risks, and potential complications associated with surgery.

prices as of 4-12-22