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Body Beautiful Specials (Limited Time Offers)

Botox® Cosmetic, a dynamic treatment for facial wrinkles that has enabled Millions of men and women of all skin colors and ethnicity to recognize the benefits of restoring a smooth and youthful appearance to their faces.

·   INJECTABLES*                            Regular            VIP

          Dysport (avg 75-80units)

          Less than 30 units                   $5.00               $4.75

          31-60                                       $4.75               $4.50

          61-90                                       $4.50               $4.00

          91-120                                     $4.00               $3.75

           121+                                       $3.75               $3.50

          Botox  (Avg 25-30units)

          Less than 10 units                   $16                  $14

          11-20                                       $14                  $13

          21-30                                       $13                  $12

          31-40                                       $12                  $11

          41+                                          $11                  $10

             *Physician Injector Fee   +$2/unit

Become a V.I.P. today at no charge (for full details go to Learn About V.I.P.)

LATISSE is indicated to treat hypotrichosis of the eyelashes by increasing their growth including length, thickness and darkness.

Discount:  3ml Price $99   Saving of $30

5ml Price $159  Saving of $30

Beaver Valley Foot Clinic Specials (Limited Time Offers)

Toenail Fungus Removal on special at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

$100 off Toenail Fungus Removal

Arch Support on special for new patients at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic

1/2 price arch supports