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Botox Basics

Moon Twp plastic surgeons at Advanced Liposuction Center want to help clients understand Botox better. Perhaps during the recent holiday season you saw the popular movie, “Christmas with the Kranks,” and the hilarious scene where Tim Allen gets Botox injections and then everything he puts in his mouth spills out because he has no facial … Continued


Comparing CoolSculpting to Velashape

Comparing CoolSculpting to Velashape Comparing CoolSculpting to Velashape- Much like laser lipolysis, Velashape is a heat-based, minimally invasive fat reduction treatment. It’s a combined approach, using heat generated by radiofrequency (RF) waves, laser energy, and suction massage. The physical action of the suction massage is what makes Velashape truly unique. It essentially pulls fat deposits … Continued

Discover the Benefits of Body Contouring

Do you wish you could have a firmer, smoother body but are not ready to try a fat transfer or other invasive cosmetic surgery? At Advanced Liposuction Center we offer another option: Body Contouring. To perform this procedure, we use the VelaShape II, the first FDA-approved technique for non-invasive cellulite reduction and body contouring. This … Continued

Fat Transfer: True or False

At Advanced Liposuction Center, we find that patients often have preconceived ideas about fat transfer procedures.  Often times these notions are incorrect. At Hermitage, our plastic surgeons want you to be informed. There have been considerable medical advances since liposuction first came on the scene. The systems we use for removing fat have been modernized.  … Continued

Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Although diet and exercise can help with overall weight loss, it’s not always possible to target specific areas we’d like to see reduced. One of those is the double chin. For many clients a double chin causes them to appear heavier and older than they actually are. If you’d like to remove excess fat from … Continued

Comparing CoolSculpting to SculpSure

Change the Shape of Your Derriere

Bethel Park plastic surgeon wants clients to know that you can change the shape of your bottom with Advance Liposuction Center’s Brazilian Butt Lift. If you are a man or woman in good overall physical health who is not obese or extremely thin, and wishes to have a more sculpted, lifted shape for their buttocks, … Continued

Can My Belly Button Be Fixed?

At Advanced Liposuction Center we hear all sorts of reasons why clients come to us desiring to change the appearance of their belly button. Your belly button is a scar caused by the umbilical cord at birth. In some clients, birth resulted in what is commonly called an “outie” and that is not the look … Continued

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Alcohol Use and Its Effect On Your Appearance

The physical affects of alcohol can wreak havoc on your life as well as have a detrimental effect on your appearance. At Advanced Liposuction Center, our Pittsburgh-area plastic surgeons meet with women and men every day who want to improve how they look. There are many aspects of life that take a toll on the … Continued


Kybella: A Non-Surgical Way to Eliminate a Double Chin

Do you look in the mirror and are frustrated by a double chin? Does it make you appear heavier and older than you actually are? If you don’t want to undergo surgery to remove it, we at Advance Liposuction Center’s Cranberry Township plastic surgeons want you to know there is an alternative. Kybella is the first … Continued

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Correcting Inverted Nipples

Bridgewater plastic surgeons at Advanced Liposuction Center want patients to know that nipple correction surgery is not as difficult as you may think. Did you know that nearly 20% of women have inverted nipples? Unfortunately, many women with nipples that are retracted into tissue surrounding the areola are too self-conscious to ask what can be … Continued