Many patients that come to Advanced Liposuction Center are dissatisfied with the shape of their buttocks. Our board certified cosmetic surgeons have been able to improve the shape and appearance of all types of buttocks: short, long, muscular, sagging and flat. Here are some questions patients have and the answers to help you learn more about this body enhancing procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift:

Q: Who is the ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A: Any female or male who is in good overall health and has excess fat in some other part of their body that can be used for a fat transfer to improve the shape of the buttocks is a good candidate. The only patients that this procedure may potentially not be suitable for are those who are exceedingly thin.

Q: What is a fat transfer?

A: Using the safest and most current techniques, fat transfer simply means taking fat from one part of your body where you have too much and using it to augment another part of your body. For the Brazilian Butt Lift, the most common areas to harvest fat are the abdomen, thighs, lower back and waist. Using your own fat eliminates the risk of tissue rejection that can happen with implants and it has the added benefit of sculpting and beautifying another part of your body as well. In addition, the fat transfer procedure allows for a more natural feel and appearance.

Q: How long does the procedure take and where is it done?

A: The Brazilian Butt Lift is done under local anesthesia and mild sedation in our Cranberry Township surgical suite. It will take several hours to complete and you must have someone to drive you home.

Q: What will the recovery be like?

A: You will need to rest for the first 12 hours after surgery and we recommend that you plan to have someone stay with you to assist you for about 12 days. Walking is encouraged immediately but strenuous exercise and heavy lifting is not recommended for 23 weeks post surgery. You should not sit directly on your buttocks for the first six weeks without a special pillow. The physician will explain all restrictions and make sure you understand your post-surgical care instructions before you leave.

Q: Will I have any scars at all?

A: You will have four very tiny scars, each measuring about half an inch long: two on your lower back in the Venus dimples and two in the butt cheek wrinkles. The scars are barely noticeable and simple to conceal.

Q: A Brazilian butt lift: is it problematic?

A: Fat necrosis, or the destruction or death of tissue, is the most frequent BBL consequence. This causes a pea-sized, mildly uncomfortable lump to appear under the skin. Any time fatty tissue is harmed, it can happen and is perfectly safe.

Q: How long do a BBL’s effects last?

A: Your Brazilian butt lift will largely result in long-lasting effects. Because your own fat is adding volume, your butt won’t “deflate.” However, because the additional volume comes from your own body, your buttocks will still expand if you put on weight and contract if you lose it. To receive the greatest surgical results, abide by these recommendations.

Minimize the buttock’s pressure

A: Your outcomes will suffer if pressure on the buttock suffocates and blocks appropriate blood flow to the transferred fat cells. Instead, you should avoid the area for around 10 days and sleep on your side or stomach.

Even after the initial recuperation period, you should avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for at least three to six weeks after your treatment.

Concentrate on feeding and exercising your body.

Simply taking care of yourself is the key to guaranteeing long-term success and lasting results you appreciate. When you are given the all-clear to exercise, we strongly advise it, even though the first few weeks following surgery should be spent minimizing activity and the first six weeks should be spent avoiding heavier activity and training. While exercising in general will keep your blood going and nourish your cells, working your legs specifically will keep your muscles in condition and make your buttocks more lifted and full.

Brazilian Butt Lift Advantages

Your Clothes Will Look Better

Certain clothes simply looks better when the butt is larger and rounder. It’s possible that you own a pair of flairs that would look better with a larger bottom. You might also wear a dress with a waistline.

Why not hire a Brazilian but lift, whatever it is? You’ll feel more assured in your appearance in addition to it.

It’s a Safe Way to Improve Your Butts

There have been several reports of plastic surgery errors due to a variety of factors. Many people who seek bigger butts sacrifice doing thorough research.

Because to a lack of funds, many choose the least expensive plastic surgeons. Sadly, kids may develop a wide range of health problems.

Potential health concerns are minimized with injections. No risk of incision ruptures exists for you. Also, a BBL reshapes your butt rather than just adding volume to it.

Also, implants frequently have a tight-muscle sensation. On the other hand, injections make your butt fatter. Your butt will feel softer and more natural after this process.

Moreover, no foreign things are inserted into your body throughout the process. This implies a decreased risk of infection and rejection.

Push Through Annoying Weight Plateaus

A Brazilian butt lift will assist you in breaking through this discouraging plateau if you’ve been finding it difficult to lose stubborn fat on your own. The ability to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat from specific regions can give you a much more sculpted and streamlined appearance overall, even though your actual body weight won’t alter significantly. Finally, you’ll be able to have the body you truly desire.

Brazilian Butt Lifts Can Be Completely Customized

These procedures can be used however you like. Patients with butt implants have a fairly constrained selection of implant sizes. These implants also frequently have a relatively conventional form. The Brazilian butt lift techniques will enable you to get the desired level of fullness.

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