Genital Wart Swift System

Genital Wart Swift System

Swift Microwave technology is a cure, not just a treatment.

genital warts

Our patented, minimally-invasive Swift Microwave Generator delivers the most reliable, reproducible treatments available anywhere. Traditional devices produce ablative heat—extremely high temperatures which are difficult to control. Some degree of damage to adjacent healthy tissue is inevitable. These thermal injuries, a.k.a. burns, can leave scar tissue behind as they heal, and may become infected. The intense heat is highly effective at destroying infected tissue, yet has obvious drawbacks.

The heat produced by Swift’s Microwave technology is non-ablative. It’s safer mostly because it is easier to control. It’s generated by a linear microwave array which, paradoxically, produces no heat on its own. It instead projects Microwave energy in a completely straight line over a precisely controlled area. The heat is produced as this focused energy interacts with water within the infected tissue. No local anesthetic is required to prepare for the procedure, and no bandages are needed afterwards.

Lower peak-temperatures also make for a cleaner treatment. Swift technology produces none of the smoke seen with electro-cautery and laser devices. Our generator also features a unique disposable tip design. This completely eliminates both the need for sterilization between patients and the risk of cross-contamination.


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