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Lipo Body Contouring   A commonly asked question by many liposuction patients is “Can you put that fat somewhere else?” (i.e. breasts or buttocks). I am happy to say that we offer fat transfer procedures at the Advanced Liposuction Center. Our doctor has mastered the Brazilian Butt-Lift, a procedure that sculpts, lifts and transforms the buttocks into a firmer, lifted, smoother and more rounded posterior. Our doctor is able to use a patient’s own fat that is removed during liposuction and reintroduce it where you want it by using a very precise and carefully executed fat transfer technique. Our doctor has a background in art, and it is evident as his eye for aesthetics and symmetry shine through. The results are beautiful and natural.

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Family at Heart of Beaver Valley Foot Clinic’s Success   When Tina Teimouri, DPM, was in medical school, her father passed away. At the time, as the oldest child, she made a promise to him that she would take care of the rest of her family—a promise that has since evolved into many of its members working together on a daily basis at Beaver Valley Foot Clinic, Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa, Advanced Vein Center, Advanced Liposuction Center and Fine Arts of Beauty: Pittsburgh’s Premier Permanent Makeup Place.

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Kavic named Advanced Vein medical director  & Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa.