CAL Gives You a New Approach to Weight Loss

There are so many occasions – and seasons – for which people “desperately” want to lose weight throughout the year. In fact, millions solemnly resolve to do so annually, starting on January first – often after gaining several pounds over the holidays, before which they swore they’d slim down! Indeed, it’s a vicious cycle; but diets don’t always fail because people are unwilling to stick to them. Sometimes, they simply give up when the weight won’t budge, despite their best efforts.

If this is your problem, maybe you just need a new approach, such as our Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL). In addition to eliminating body fat, it tones the skin. Moreover, as it encourages collagen production, the firming continues even after the treatment is over, which means that, besides giving you a jump-start on weight loss, it even helps you with maintenance!