Dimpled Cheeks Can Be Cute, BUT… 

Dimples are often considered to be favorable physical attributes – uh, when they’re on faces, that is.  However, just turn the other cheeks, and the appeal of those whimsical little indentations changes – significantly.

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How to get cheek dimples

A alteration in the zygomaticus major, a face muscle, can occasionally result in dimples. This muscle affects how your face looks. It is the one that contributes to your smile’s raised mouth corners.

The zygomaticus major muscle often starts at the zygomatic bone in the cheek in those without dimples. After there, it curves downward and joins the corner of your mouth.

The zygomaticus major muscle may split into two distinct bundles on the way down to the mouth in individuals who have dimples. At the mouth’s corner, one bundle attaches. The other bundle is attached to the skin above and below the corner of the mouth.

The zygomaticus major muscle that has this split in it is known as a double or bifid muscle. As you grin, the dimple is brought on by movement of the skin over the double zygomaticus major muscle.

Cheek dimples are frequently wrongly referred to as a birth defect since they might be caused by a muscle variation that happens during fetal development.

Remember that cheek dimples are not only rather common but also have no detrimental consequences on your health.

Are cheek dimples reversible?

Dimples may start to show in a person’s early years and then disappear as they get older. Also, when one ages and loses skin elasticity or severely loses weight, cheek dimples may also become less obvious.

Nonetheless, this genetically inherited feature typically does not go away entirely.

As a result of the extra fat in your cheeks and face, weight growth may, on the other hand, make your cheek dimples appear more pronounced.

Say you want dimples on your cheeks? 

Do you desire cheek dimples while not having any? There is currently a kind of plastic surgery that makes cheek dimples. It is referred to as a dimpleplasty.

Then, people will compliment your dimples to your face, instead of talking about them behind your back!