Get Your Ears Looking Better Than They Have in Years

Spring clothing shopping has really started hopping. However, a spectacular fashion debut also depends heavily upon accessories; and earrings occupy the top two spots in that department. In fact, they’re so integral to the overall look that they can practically make or break an ensemble; but, unfortunately, they can also be unkind to ear lobes. Indeed, over time, large, heavy earrings can stretch or tear the ear lobes; and ear gauges can ruin them completely.

What Can Cause A Torn Earlobe?

There are many reasons of an earlobe getting torn. Maybe you had an ear injury, or there are some genetic problems have caused you this problem, whatever the possible reasons are we have mentioned all of them below, so make sure to check them all:

  1. Trauma

Trauma is one of the most common cause of an earlobe injury, due to reasons like direct blow on the ear, or getting an earring caught on clothing or other objects. People who often participate in sports or work in jobs that require use of helmets and other protective head gears are also at a higher risk of earlobe torn as they may project you from outside but may injure you from the inside.

  1. Heavy Earrings

Wearing heavy earrings or other jewelry for extended periods of time can stretch the earlobe and cause it to become thinner and weaker. This makes it more susceptible to tearing with even minor pressure or trauma.

  1. Piercings

Earlobe piercings that are not placed properly or that are done with unsterilized equipment can lead to infection, which can cause the tissue to weaken and tear. Additionally, people who have multiple earlobe piercings or who frequently change their earrings may be at a higher risk of developing a torn earlobe.

  1. Aging

As people age, their skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner, making it more prone to injury. This is especially true for people who have spent a lot of time in the sun or who have a history of smoking.

  1. Genetic Factor

Some people may have naturally thinner or weaker earlobes due to genetic factors. This makes them more prone to developing a torn earlobe.

Treatment for a torn earlobe typically involves minor surgery to repair the damaged tissue. It is important to seek medical attention if you experience a torn earlobe, as this can help prevent infection and minimize scarring.

If your lobes have been distorted, damaged, or even destroyed, from earrings, or from injuries, call us. With our Earlobe Repair procedure, we’ll get your ears looking better than they have in years!