Belly Button Repair ; Novel Navel Renewal


As spring approaches, people start looking forward to the day when they won’t have to wear layers of clothing. Even so, the prospect of donning skimpy apparel makes many want to hibernate – permanently. This has always been the case; but, until relatively recently, the most prevalent reason for such self-consciousness was being overweight.


These days, though, millions hesitate to expose their belly buttons, which, because of piercing (a trend that became wildly popular in the 90’s), have become stretched-out, scarred, or misshapen. If your navel is in a similar condition, which also has other causes, including pregnancy and injury, or if you simply want to improve its appearance, call us. We can restore, repair, or reshape it through umbilicoplasty, a procedure which, as our happy clients will tell you, really hits the spot!