Stay Warm Now, Be Hot Later

Yes, it’s the dead of winter; but as March approaches, like many people, you may be checking to see what shape your summer wardrobe is in; and especially, what shape you’re in. But even if you think you must lose weight before wearing those clothes, you may not feel like dealing with it now – because it’s freezing, and you just want to wrap yourself in something warm! It’s just too bad that can’t help you lose weight; but wait – it can!

Our Infrared Body Wraps will quickly burn 900-1400 calories, take off inches, and reduce the appearance of cellulite! Best of all, you can keep your clothes on during the treatment (talk about non-invasive!), so you can stay snug and warm knowing that, when it comes time to shed the extra layers, you’ll really be hot!

How do infrared body wraps differ from traditional body wraps?

Infrared body wraps and traditional body wraps are both spa treatments, but they differ in their mechanisms, benefits, and techniques. Here’s a comparison:

Infrared Body Wraps:

  1. Heat Source: Infrared body wraps use infrared radiation to generate heat that penetrates the skin and tissues, raising the body’s core temperature.
  2. Heat Effect: The heat produced by infrared body wraps promotes sweating and vasodilation, which may help improve blood circulation, aid in detoxification, and potentially promote relaxation.
  3. Detoxification: Infrared body wraps are often promoted for their detoxification effects, as increased sweating can assist in removing toxins from the body.
  4. Potential Benefits: They are claimed to aid in weight loss (mostly due to water loss), enhance skin appearance, reduce muscle tension, and potentially alleviate minor aches.
  5. Duration: Infrared body wrap sessions typically last around 30 to 60 minutes.

Traditional Body Wraps:

  1. Ingredients: Traditional body wraps involve applying a mixture of ingredients like clay, mud, algae, or creams onto the skin.
  2. Wrapping Technique: After the application of the mixture, the body is tightly wrapped with bandages or plastic wrap.
  3. Purported Effects: Traditional body wraps claim to promote skin hydration, nourishment, and toning. Some also suggest temporary inch loss due to compression and sweating.

Key Difference:

Infrared body wraps primarily rely on the deep-penetrating heat of infrared radiation to produce therapeutic effects, while traditional body wraps focus on applying external mixtures to the skin for potential cosmetic and relaxation benefits.

Can infrared body wraps be used as a standalone treatment or in combination with other therapies?

Infrared body wraps can be used both as standalone treatments and in combination with other therapies. Some individuals choose to use them alone for their purported benefits, while others incorporate them into wellness routines alongside exercise, proper nutrition, and other spa therapies. The choice depends on personal preferences and goals.