Why all the Flap About “Bat Wings”?

While there’s an endless parade of spooky things waiting to scare us at this time of year, for some, the most frightening are bat wings. Now, we’re not talking about flying mammals. No-o! In fact, they’re cute, cuddly, and altogether welcome sights, compared to the loose, fluttering skin of the upper arms that so many people dread.

Am I A Good Candidate For Bat Wings Treatment?

Here are some requirements you must fit in if you want to get a brachioplasty treatment, make sure to follow them before you look for a surgery:

  1. Non-Smokers

It’s not only about bat wings treatment, smokers cannot get any surgery as long as they don’t quit smoking. Smoking restricts your veins which Interferes with your blood circulation, it also blocks your veins by creating plaque in them which can delay healing process. If your veins have plaque or have a bad blood circulation then your body will take so long to heal which isn’t good for your surgery recovery at all.

So make sure you quite sinking at least 4 weeks before your treatment, if you do. Doing so will help you and your body heal easily!

  1. Adults Who Aren’t Overweight

Always remember bat wings treatment isn’t a weight loss treatment, it’s used to remove the excess fat present on your arms which looks like bat wings. If you are looking for a treatment to reduce your weight then bat wings isn’t for you, you should try exercises like walking Or swimming if you want to lose weight and opt for bat wings if only you want get rid  of excess fat in your arms.

  1. People With Realistic Expectations

An important thing you should know about surgeries is that they don’t work on their own, you need to have realistic expectations too, if you keep thinking about results and desperately wait for them then they won’t come out easily. You must understand every surgery and results take time for a safe and successful surgery, otherwise you will take long to receive results which will be a waste your time and money at the same time. So make sure to have realistic expectations.

Whatever the cause – too much flab, drastic weight loss, skin laxity, or diminished muscle tone – our liposuction and/or tuck procedures can fix the problem. So, there’s no need for any flap about “bat wings.” If you notice them developing, give us a call – or flash the bat signal – and we’ll come to the rescue!