Breast Implant Scars, What to Expect.

Realistic expectations are key:

Having realistic expectations has a lot of overlap with getting implants for the right reason. Expecting to fill out your clothes and improve your side-profile is one thing. Expecting to instantly look like a swimsuit model is another matter entirely. Breast implant scars usually heal well over time.

The women who are most likely to be happy with their results usually resemble the following. They’ve had some age related changes, and state that they “just want to look normal” again. In other words, they want their breasts to remain in proportion with the rest of their body. Others simply want their clothes to fit better.

Size Considerations

Breast Implant Scars
Reduce Breast Implant Scars

Then there’s the consideration of size. Women who want to achieve a modest increase in size are usually the most satisfied. This translates into 2 cup sizes at most. Women looking for a larger increase have much higher rates of dissatisfaction.

It’s also important to realize that some scarring may occur. While modern implant surgery is minimally invasive, it’s still surgery, and it still breaks the skin. Whenever this happens scarring is always a possibility. It’s true that your surgeon will try to hide his or her access incisions as thoroughly as possible. Even so, it’s reasonable to expect a 3 to 4-inch breast implant Scar beneath each breast. This should be taken into account, especially if you’ve got a medical history of forming thick scars which tend to stand out.

What’s more, even modern silicone or saline implants don’t look and feel exactly like natural tissue. While this may change in the future, this limitation of materials is unavoidable at the present time.

How to lessen the possibility of highly noticeable scarring

Your skin type, age, and surgeon expertise will all have a significant impact on how your scars from breast implant surgery ultimately look. When considering plastic surgery, it’s crucial to only speak with well regarded, educated, and experienced doctors.

When considering the outcomes you can anticipate, be sure to take into account how any of your scars have healed in the past. Removing a breast implant scar requires additional, pricey treatments that may leave scarring that is worse than before. In order to increase your chances of having light, fine, smooth breast implant scars, you should consider doing the following:

  • Maintain good hygiene—crucial it’s to heed your surgeon’s instructions for how to keep your wound dry and clean.

Wear a supportive bra. Keep scar tissue hydrated and supple by massaging with suitable creams and/or using silicon strips. Avoid strain on the area by avoiding heavy lifting and/or exercise.

  • Keep in mind to consume a healthy diet and lots of water.
  • Don’t smoke

What choices do I have for treating scars?

There are also some scar treatment alternatives you can pursue if you do experience more noticeable scars or want to further lessen their appearance. Before attempting any of these procedures, be sure your incisions have fully healed by consulting your plastic surgeon.

  • Consuming vitamin E pills or rubbing topical vitamin E on wounds that have healed
  • Sheet silicone
  • Cream containing cortisone
  • Skin resurfacing using laser

How will my scars appear?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the healing and maturation of scars might take up to 18 months throughout your breast augmentation recovery. As a result, you might observe that your scars appear to be getting worse before they improve. Most breast augmentation scars will first seem red, pink, and slightly elevated before they start to heal and gradually fade in visibility. Additionally, factors including your age, genetics, skin tone, and sun exposure might affect how quickly your scars heal.

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