Comparing CoolSculpting to Zerona

Comparing CoolSculpting to Zerona

Comparing CoolSculpting to Zerona : Zerona is another noninvasive fat reduction therapy which directly destroys fat cells with laser energy. Also, much like other laser treatments, it promotes collagen production which improves skin tone and tightness. It’s regarded as one of the safest, most comfortable treatments available, causing no bruising or other side effects. It’s also essentially painless.

Unfortunately this gentleness comes at a price. Zerona requires many treatments to achieve the full benefit. For two weeks following the initial appointment the patient must return to the office every other day for an additional 30 minute treatment. This translates into a total of 8 treatments, and any disruption to this schedule can negatively impact results.

What’s more, Zerona shrinks fat cells as opposed to destroying them. This means that the results of Zerona aren’t as permanent as those of CoolSculpting. Not surprisingly, many veterans in the health and beauty industry regard CoolSculpting as the superior treatment.

Comparing CoolSculpting to Venus Freeze

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Venus Freeze is technically a skin rejuvenation treatment, not a fat reduction treatment. Its main goal is to increase the production of collagen, the protein which gives youthful skin it’s elasticity and firmness, which gives a tightening and toning effects. This being said, Venus Freeze does offer limited fat reduction benefits.

Contrary to its name the Venus Freeze system isn’t a cold-based therapy like CoolSculpting. Instead it relies on the heat produced by radiofrequency (RF) energy, the same principle which makes Velashape possible. During treatment fat is broken down into simpler components known as triglycerides which are then naturally eliminated from the body.

How Do CoolSculpting and Zerona Compare?

The cosmetic procedures Zerona and CoolSculpting have certain similarities. Both operations are above-the-skin body sculpting techniques that target body fat that has been shown to be challenging to lose using conventional techniques like diet and exercise. Both techniques are suitable substitutes for more invasive surgical procedures like liposuction. Both treatments have similar procedures that require no anesthesia or incisions, have relatively brief appointments, and require little to no recovery time.

Both Zerona and CoolSculpting should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise routine because they both perform best on people who are already reasonably fit.

Customers of both procedures should be ready to retain their results following their treatment through healthy living strategies. The advantages of CoolSculpting or Zerona apply to both sexes.

Procedures for CoolSculpting and Zerona

Zerona uses laser technology to reduce fat by focusing on specific body parts. The laser shrinks adipose/fat cells by penetrating the cell membrane. In this method, the fat cells are partially eliminated but remaining present, helping to maintain a normal body fat percentage. You won’t feel anything at all when receiving treatment with Zerona.

Additionally, the Zerona treatment has a general slimming effect that lowers waist, thigh, arm, neck, back, and back fat. In just two weeks after beginning the treatment, individuals in one trial dropped as much as 3.51 inches from their hips, waists, and thighs.

On the other side, CoolSculpting crystallizes or freezes fat cells in order to destroy them. The stubborn fat cells are broken up so that your body may naturally wash them out using either radio waves or massage on a particular body area.

During treatment, you may experience strong cold, tingling, hurting, stinging, minor pinching, and cramping. CoolSculpting is used to treat the sides, lower back, thighs, and tummy in patients. It can lessen cellulitis on your legs, buttocks, and arms.