Contraindications of PRP

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No single medical treatment will work for every patient, every time. Other patients shouldn’t receive certain treatments—they could cause more harm than good. Ethical doctors at reputable facilities will only offer the right treatments to the right patients. The benefits must outweigh the risks. Remember that any doctor’s first oath is “first do no harm.”

In reality, regenerative treatments like Micro-Needling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are highly safe and effective. Like any good procedure, it can greatly help almost anyone. We will go over the contraindications of PRP.

Contraindications of PRP

It’s not right for everyone, though. Prescribing physicians observe the following guidelines:

  • Pregnant patients should wait. Treatment is safe, but it’s technically recommended that mothers wait until after the delivery.
  • Patients who scar easily shouldn’t receive this treatment. This is especially true of people who form wide, highly visible keloid scars.
  • Those with severe active acne should wait. Treatment can proceed once the breakout is controlled.
  • Those with active eczema, rosacea, or several other skin conditions should wait. Again, only once the underlying condition is controlled can proceed.
  • Patients with impaired wound healing or impaired circulation should not receive this treatment.
  • In medicine, common sense should always apply. Any non-critical treatment can wait if a patient has had recent facial trauma or is recovering from surgery.

Yet every patient is unique. Often it’s just a matter of finishing an acne prescription before starting treatment, for example. The only way to know for certain is to meet with a qualified Regenerative Medicine doctor.

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