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As the weather continues to get warmer, many of our clients at Advanced Liposuction Center are getting out their summer clothes. If bathing suits are leaving you less than enthusiastic, our Pittsburgh area plastic surgeons can help. We offer a number of body-enhancing procedures that can help you feel confident in summer’s more revealing styles. Below are a few treatments to consider.

Cosmetic Surgery Treatments:

Liposuction/Fat Transfer

We use water jet liposuction and Vibro liposuction which remove fat from areas where you can’t seem to lose it without destroying surrounding tissue. Fat is eliminated, leaving attractive, tight-looking skin with very little down-time or discomfort. In addition, you can choose to transfer some of the fat from areas such as your abdomen or love handles and use it to add volume and fullness to other areas of your body that may be lacking.

Male Breast Reduction

Let this be the summer that you are not embarrassed to go on the beach without a shirt! Our expert plastic surgeons can safely remove the excess fat that causes this condition. You can finally achieve the appearance you can feel completely happy about. Following this simple procedure, patients usually only require aspirin to treat minimal discomfort and there is very little visible scarring.


Unsightly spider and varicose veins can occur for many reasons. These include aging, injury, genetics, pregnancy, long periods of sitting or standing and hormone replacement therapy. Whatever the cause, the end result is unattractive and enlarged veins. Veins can appear on your legs, face, hands, arms and chest and make you feel self-conscious. In a simple procedure, the doctor will inject a painless sclerosant into the veins, which will cause them to shrink and eventually disappear. Your body will naturally redirect blood flow to healthy veins.

In addition, we offer procedures that can remove tattoos, increase breast size and improve the shape of your buttocks. It all starts with a free consultation where you will meet with one of our expert doctors to discuss your body goals. Contact us today by calling: 724-683-7581 and get the body you want before summer begins.

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