Moon Township plastic surgeons at Advanced Liposuction Center are here for you.  We want to get the word out about our Silhouette Facelifts. Why? We know that many of our clients hear the word “facelift.” You panic.  You immediately form an image in your mind. We are happy to say this image is most likely outdated.

Over time, our faces age from many environmental factors.  These can cause a loss of hyaluronic acid and elastin in the face.  Some examples are sun exposure, pollution, and smoking. This results in age spots, spider veins and wrinkles. Even if you are very conscientious about the care of your face, you can’t escape the ravages of aging. Slowly, your facial structure changes.  The skin loses elasticity. Facial muscles weaken as well.  The overall result is a tired, sagging appearance. We use the  Silhouette Facelift to offer the latest cutting-edge technique for turning back time.  We’re able to restore a youthful appearance to your face.  We use the Silhouette Facelift procedure because it is less intrusive.  It avoids the extreme amounts of discomfort and downtime associated with the facelifts of the past. We put together some facts to help you get better acquainted with this revolutionary cosmetic enhancement.

What You Should Know About Silhouette Facelifts:

  • We use the Silhouette Facelift to encompass permanent silhouette sutures with small, absorbable cones.  We use these sutures to reposition and lift facial tissue.  This procedure is also referred to as “thread lifting,”
  • We recommend our procedure for men or women between the ages of 30-60 who are in overall good health.
  • The Silhouette Facelift is minimally invasive and restores fullness to the neck and lower half of the face.
  • We assure you the treatment is FDA approved and has the CE mark.
  • Our doctors perform the procedure on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.  It takes a little over two hours to complete.
  • Sutures remain lifted for up to 5 years, at which time you may revisit our office for a touch-up.
  • A Facelift Does Not Last Forever

Depending on your point of view, the results of non-surgical facelifts can be considered one of their drawbacks. While some treatments, like some dermal fillers, may only last about six months before they require a touch-up, others may last closer to 18 months.

  • During A Surgery Facelift, The Lower To Mid Face Is The Priority

Since surgical facelifts don’t address the complete face, the word “facelift” is actually a misnomer. Instead, they frequently focus on the cheekbones and the bottom to middle portion of thPRIORIT

A different treatment, such as an eyelid lift or brow lift, would normally be necessary if you wanted to have the skin around your eyes or forehead lifted.

A different treatment, such as an eyelid lift or brow lift, would normally be necessary if you wanted to have the skin around your eyes or forehead lifted.

  • Commonly Under General Anaesthetic, A Surgical Facelift Is

The majority of the time, local anesthetics with sedation or general anesthesia are used during surgical facelifts.

There are several facelift procedures, but in general, the doctor will need to make a number of cuts (incisions) in your skin, remove any extra skin, and reposition facial fat and tissue.

It takes two to three hours to complete the process. It may take several weeks for apparent bruises to go away, and it may take six to nine months to see the complete results of the facelift.

How do facelifts differ for men and women?

Facelifts for men and women differ primarily due to anatomical and aesthetic considerations.

Anatomical Differences

– Skin Thickness: Men typically have thicker skin with more collagen, affecting the surgical approach and healing process. Women’s thinner, more elastic skin requires different techniques.

– Hairlines: Men’s facial hair and different hairlines necessitate careful incision planning to avoid noticeable scars. Women’s hairlines allow for more flexible incision placements.

– Facial Structure: Men have more prominent jawlines and brows, requiring tailored approaches to maintain masculine features. Women’s softer facial contours are enhanced while reducing signs of aging.

Aesthetic Goals

– Men: Focus on maintaining a strong, masculine appearance with subtle, natural-looking results. Emphasis is often on the lower face and neck to address sagging and jowls.

– Women: Aim for a rejuvenated, youthful look with refined, feminine features. Comprehensive rejuvenation often includes mid-face lifts to address cheeks and eyes.

Incision Placement

– Men: Incisions are carefully placed to account for facial hair growth and minimize visible scarring, often along natural creases and behind the ears.

– Women: Incisions are more flexible, typically placed along the hairline and around the ears to blend with natural skin folds.

Recovery and Healing

– Men: Thicker skin may lead to more swelling and a longer recovery period.

– Women: Generally experience a slightly quicker recovery due to thinner skin, though individual factors still play a significant role.

How do facelifts address issues with the neck and jawline?

Facelifts effectively address issues with the neck and jawline by tightening the underlying muscles and removing excess skin. During the procedure, incisions are typically made around the ears and sometimes under the chin. The surgeon lifts and repositions the deeper layers of tissue, which smooths out sagging skin and reduces jowls. Excess skin is then trimmed away, and the remaining skin is carefully draped to create a firmer, more defined jawline and neck.

Who is an ideal candidate for a facelift?

Good candidates for a facelift typically include:

  • healthy people without medical problems that hinder healing
  • Nonsmokers
  • people who have optimistic outlooks and reasonable expectations

The first step is for you to schedule a free consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons.  We’ll talk to you about your goals.  We’ll work with you to determine the correct combination of procedures to achieve them. To learn more, contact us at: 724-683-7581.