At Advanced Liposuction Center one of the questions we get most often is “will the changes from my cosmetic surgery last?” Since our bodies continue to change as we age, cosmetic enhancements cannot be guaranteed to be permanent. However, patients can take steps to ensure that the beautiful results of a cosmetic surgical procedure will last and continue to look great for as long as possible by taking the following steps:

  1. Follow all the cosmetic surgeon’s directions. When you meet with one of our expert physicians to discuss your upcoming procedure, the doctor may give you instructions to follow ahead of time to prepare for your surgery. You will also be given post-operative care instructions when the procedure is done. Don’t try to cut short rest and healing time, start exercising too soon after surgery or lift heavy items until the doctor give you the go-ahead.
  2. Stop smoking. Smoking can damage your skin and it impedes circulation. Good blood flow is essential for healing. For some procedures such as brachioplasty, it is mandatory to refrain from smoking for a set period of time before surgery, but it is a good suggestion for all surgeries and for a healthier lifestyle in general.
  3. Maintain a healthy weight. Not watching what you eat and gaining weight after a body enhancing procedure can alter the results and change your appearance. The benefits from your surgery may not be as apparent or last as long if you gain weight.
  4. Exercise. Staying fit can greatly increase the lasting results of cosmetic surgeries such as the mini tummy tuck. Exercise strengthens and firms muscles which will naturally enhance the appearance of areas that were previously flabby.
  5. Quit Smoking Quitting smoking is the first thing to do even before going for the surgery.

    Smoking is always bad for your health; it brings no good. Moreover, it will increase harmful effects on your recent surgery result if you continue the bad habit.

    Thus, people who smoke post-operation suffer complication during recovery from the operation. This complication is because of the nicotine consumed that fills up the body with toxins.

    Ultimately, smoking blocks the source of fresh oxygen which helps to heal the damaged tissue after surgery.

    Additionally if your recently undergone Botox procedure you will notice wrinkles and lines appearing on your skin. These wrinkles are the result of your smoking habit.

Overall, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is your best “guarantee” for keeping your face and body looking its best. For certain enhancements, “touch-up” procedures are available. With our facelift, for example, after about 5 years patients may wish to return for a brief 30-minute outpatient procedure to revitalize their looks.

Can the results of cosmetic surgery be affected by aging?

Yes, the results of cosmetic surgery can be affected by aging. While cosmetic surgery can provide long-lasting improvements to your appearance, it cannot stop the natural aging process. As you age, your skin will continue to change, and factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, and sun exposure can all impact the longevity of your cosmetic surgery results.

Some ways in which aging can affect the results of cosmetic surgery include:

  1. Skin Changes: As you age, your skin may lose elasticity and firmness, which can affect the appearance of areas treated with cosmetic surgery. This can be particularly noticeable in procedures such as facelifts or eyelid surgery.
  2. Volume Loss: Over time, you may experience loss of fat and collagen in the face, which can lead to changes in facial contouring. Procedures such as fat transfer or dermal fillers may be used to address volume loss, but these results are not permanent and may require maintenance treatments.
  3. Muscle Weakness: Muscle tone can decrease with age, which can affect the results of procedures such as liposuction or tummy tucks. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine can help preserve muscle tone and prolong the results of cosmetic surgery.

How can I ensure that I achieve the best possible results from cosmetic surgery?

To achieve the best possible results from cosmetic surgery, consider the following tips:

  1. Research and Choose a Qualified Surgeon: Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in the specific procedure you are considering.
  2. Have Realistic Expectations: Understand the limitations of cosmetic surgery and have realistic expectations about the outcomes.
  3. Communicate Clearly with Your Surgeon: Discuss your goals, concerns, and expectations with your surgeon during the consultation to ensure you are both on the same page.

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