At Advanced Liposuction Center, we find that women may be reluctant to talk about irregularities in the labia.  Our Monroeville plastic surgeons want to reassure our clients that there is no need to suffer discomfort. Labia sizes vary greatly among women.  Enlarged labia minora (inner vagina lips) and labia majora (outer vagina lips) are not uncommon. Genetics, childbirth and aging can all contribute to laxity of vaginal tissues. Conditions such as protruding, enlarged or misshapen labia, although not harmful, may cause discomfort when wearing undergarments and during sexual intercourse.

Safely Making Changes

Our expert plastic surgeons are able to trim labial tissue into a natural-looking, complementary shape that will relieve discomfort and improve appearance. The procedure is performed in our Cranberry Township office suite. We use mild sedation and local anesthesia. It takes about one hour to do. The procedure itself is not painful but you may experience some mild discomfort and soreness after the surgery. We will discuss what to expect post-operatively and ensure that you have everything you need for a comfortable recovery. We will also prescribe an antibiotic ointment to prevent any infection from developing. Patients will need a driver to take them home after the surgery. We recommend you take 1-2 days off from work to rest before resuming normal activities. You should not lift heavy items or exercise for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.

What You Should Know

Below are some facts about labiaplasty that most patients want to know:

  • Labiaplasty does not result in decreased sensation during sexual intercourse. You should wait 4 weeks after surgery before engaging in sexual relations, however. During the 4-week period, you will need to be very gentle with the labia tissue because small sutures are used which will gradually dissolve.
  • You can still deliver a baby vaginally if you have had labiaplasty.
  • Women who are currently pregnant or nursing are not good candidates for labiaplasty.

How long do labiaplasty results last?

The goal of labiaplasty during reduction surgery is to provide long-lasting results. If issues don’t arise, you might never require this operation again. Over time, enhancement labiaplasty with fat or filler injections can require more “touch-ups.”

You should be aware that your labiaplasty might be impacted if you decide to have children after your procedure. Many people decide to postpone getting their labiaplasty until they are finished having children.

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