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The 12 Most Common Areas of the Body for Liposuction Treatment

Liposuction has been taking place since the mid 1970’s. Over the decades, liposuction has been performed on almost every part of the body that you can imagine. Each patient is different with his or her own body type and personal body shaping goals. However, over the years, some trouble areas of the body have been very common targets of body sculpting. The price of liposuction treatments are ordinarily based on the total number of areas receiving treatment. If you are looking for Plastic Surgery Pittsburgh, the following is a short list of the 12 most popular areas on which liposuction is performed in no particular order.

Waist Liposuction

Waist – Sometime diet and exercise just aren’t enough. Is it any wonder that this one tops the list? Most men and women struggle to manage their “love handles.” They are easy to spot and can be extremely hard to eliminate even when following an exercise routine and proper diet. Fortunately, the skin around the waist is highly elastic making it an ideal place to perform liposuction. Since the skin quickly tightens, the waist is very responsive to liposuction treatments. After undergoing a waist liposuction, patients can expect a demonstrable changes in the area as well as a decrease waist size.

Flank Liposuction

Plastic Surgery wexfordFlanks – The flanks sit on the lower back, just above the pant line. Many consider the flank area the “love handles” of the back. Similar to the waist, the area of the flank also has exceptional skin elasticity. Since they reside so close to one another, this area frequently undergoes liposuction in conjunction with the waist. This gives the area a more even contour and seamless transition from front to back. Female patients looking to achieve an inward hourglass curvature often list this area as one of their priorities.

Hip Liposuction

HipsHips Don’t Lie and neither do we. Identifying and treating the hips can help create a more well-defined and rounder buttock, giving women that “curvy” feminine silhouette that they seek. The hips are located just below the waist. By using liposuction on the upper and outer areas of the buttock, it can accentuate an attractive backside. In many women, there is one gradual transition from the leg, the hips, the waist area and the buttocks. By sculpting this area, that transition will become more pronounced and attractive. A butt lift may also help you reach your desired effect.

Arm Liposuction

Plastic Surgery PittsburghUpper Arms – Excess fat and tissue in the upper arm is a common sign of aging. Sometime called “chicken fat,” this hanging fat is a common area of embarrassment. Plastic Surgery Pittsburgh Liposuction of these eyesores can result in a tighter arm and a more youthful appearance, adding the appearance of tone to the area. Unlike an “arm lift,” liposuction in this area may deliver many of the same benefits but without permanent scarring. Check with your healthcare provider to see if this is an option for you.

Lower Abdomen Liposuction

Lower Abdomen – Frequently requested to address a “spare tire” or “muffin top,” liposuction on the lower abdomen is a common area of concern for many people. When appropriate, liposuction in this area will result in a flat and toned stomach. However, physicians must do a careful inspection of the area. If the skin lacks the appropriate elasticity and the preparation is not sufficient, the procedure may result in saggy skin. Some patients may be better suited for a tummy tuck. This is true in cases where there is too much fat in the area or if the skin is too slack.

Upper Abdomen Liposuction

Upper Abdomen – The upper abdomen is situated between the ribs and the belly button. It is the transition from the lower abdomen and the chest. Treatment on the upper abdomen should typically be completed if the lower abdomen is also being treated. Treating both the upper and the lower abdomen insure a smooth transition.

Buttock Liposuction

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Buttocks – Many patients request that work be done on their buttocks. In most cases, liposuction of the buttocks is not recommend. The procedure can leave the buttocks looking deflated or flat. To avoid a flattened look a Brazilian butt lift may be recommended over liposuction. The butt lift is better suited to achieve the nice buttocks shape desired by many patients.

Inner Thigh Liposuction

Inner Thighs – Too much fat in the inner thighs can not only be unattractive, it can cause painful skin irritation. For this reason and others, when ask what their goals are regarding their inner thighs, many women wish to eliminating the inner thighs from touching when they stand straight up. Sometime called a thigh gap, the space between the thighs gives an overall slim appearance to the lower body. Some Plastic Surgery Pittsburgh patients only require that contour work be done on the upper inner thigh while some others need treatment of the whole inner thigh to achieve the desired silhouette.

Outer Thigh Liposuction

Outer Thighs – The outer thighs are another focus area for treatment. The  silhouette created by extra fat on the outer thighs is commonly referred to as saddle bags. Many women find that the outer thigh is a trouble spot for them. The shape of the outer thigh has a considerable impact on a woman’s overall silhouette. The thighs give many women their natural feminine curviness. In many cases, it is necessary to maintain some of the unique curvature in the thighs. The thighs also transition into the buttock. When done properly, liposuction can also accentuate the roundness of the buttocks. Patients and doctors should take care to only remove the right quantity of fat. The optimal amount will vary from woman to woman given her specific body type. While the majority of women do focus on eliminating fat in this area, they should be mindful that some fat is necessary to retain an attractive feminine form.

Anterior Thigh Liposuction

Anterior Thighs – many patients do not come in with the goal of specifically reducing fat in the back of the thighs, however, sculpting the anterior thigh may become necessary to maintain a proper ratio of size after work is performed on the outer or inner thigh. It is also an easy way to additionally compliment the curvature of the buttocks during common Plastic Surgery Pittsburgh.

Back Liposuction

Back – Excess fat in the back to lead to unsightly rolls (also called bra rolls). Many women report feeling uncomfortable taking off their cover at the beach and pool or wearing a sports bra at the gym when working out. These embarrassments can be address with liposuction in the area. The back is a great place to have the procedure performed because the skin in the area is thicker and very forgiving.

Cheek Liposuction

Cheeks – Chubby cheeks (or chipmunk cheeks) can be treated by liposuction during Plastic Surgery Pittsburgh. However, some individuals will need the addition of a form of buccal fat removal if they are to achieve the desired results.

Can I drive myself home after the liposuction procedure, or will I need assistance?

In most cases, you will need someone to drive you home after undergoing liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves the use of anesthesia, and its effects can impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely. The anesthesia can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and reduced coordination, which can make driving dangerous.

It is recommended to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours following the procedure. This person can help ensure your safety, assist with any post-operative needs, and provide support during the initial recovery period.

Additionally, driving too soon after liposuction can put unnecessary strain on your body, potentially hindering the healing process and increasing the risk of complications. It’s essential to prioritize rest and allow your body sufficient time to recover before resuming activities such as driving.

When will the final results of liposuction be visible?

The timeline for seeing the final results of liposuction can vary from person to person. It typically takes several months for the full effects of the procedure to become apparent. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Initial changes:

After liposuction, you may notice some immediate improvements in the treated areas. Swelling and bruising will be present initially, which can mask the final results.

  1. Continued improvement:

Over the next few months, you will gradually see further improvement in the appearance of the treated areas as the remaining swelling resolves. The body needs time to heal and adjust, so it’s important to be patient during this phase.

  1. Final results:

The final results of liposuction are typically seen around six months to one year after the procedure. By this time, the majority of the swelling should have subsided, and you can appreciate the full extent of the body contouring achieved through liposuction.