It may be the result of a cesarean section or other abdominal surgery or even from a cosmetic surgery that was supposed to improve your appearance. Whatever the cause, Cranberry Township plastic surgeons want you to know that Advanced Liposuction Center offers several scar revision procedures which can lessen the appearance of ugly scars.

If you’re sick of your unfortunate scars and are ready to get them removed, the first step is to schedule your free consultation with one of our expert cosmetic surgeons.

Depending on the severity of the scar, the plastic surgeon may recommend one of the following procedures:

Minor Scars—if your scar is minimal, there are a couple of procedures the doctor will choose from:

  • Specialty Dressings—in some cases, no surgery is necessary to correct scarring. In the least severe cases, sheet silicone or other specialty dressings can be applied to reduce the scar’s appearance and encourage more complete healing.
  • Dermabrasion—removes the topmost layers of skin and in many cases, this removes most of the visible scar tissue.
  • Laser Scar Reduction—although this will require multiple treatments, laser therapy can be very effective in scar revision.

Medium Scars—the cosmetic surgeon will carefully and skillfully re-orient your scar by pulling it and anchoring the skin to place them in existing folds where they will be less visible.

Severe Scars—in cases where scarring is more dramatic, our plastic surgeons may need to surgically remove scar tissue and carefully rejoin the edges of the incisions to minimize future scarring.

What To Do After Scar Revision Process?

The best thing you can do after and before the surgery is to quit smoking and drinking since both of these things are dangerous to the process.

The nicotine present in tobacco narrows and constructs your veins which makes it hard for your veins to supply blood and oxygen to other body parts.

When this happens wounds will start healing slowly due to a lack of blood and oxygen, so you must quit smoking at least 4 weeks before your surgery.

And you should continue it until you don’t heal fully.

Furthermore, you should stop alcohol as well since it may increase the risks of infection and swell in your body and veins!

How Long Will Scar Revision Recovery Take?

The recovery time of any kind of surgery depends on the patients, if they are fit and have good health then your recovery will be short.

However, for an average person, the recovery can take 1 to 2 weeks.

At this time, you will have some amount of swelling, skin discoloration, and discomfort as well.

But after some time they will go away and then you will start observing results.

When Will Results Appear Exactly?

You will start noticing results after the end of your recovery, but the final results will take time, sometimes they take months and In some cases, they may take up to a year.

Although the results take so long the best thing about them is that they will last long and sometimes permanently.

This means you won’t need to feel bad about the scars on your body, you can live your life happily without any kind of embarrassment.

However, sadly sometimes there is no guarantee that results will appear because sometimes one surgery isn’t enough so you must undergo another scar revision surgery.

With the right procedure, you can look forward to dramatically reducing the appearance of your scar, sometimes by more than 90%! After 6-8 weeks, scars may be barely visible. If you want to find out if one of our scar revision procedures can help you, contact us today by calling: 724-683-7581.