Surgical Consultation for Breast Implant 

All successful cosmetic procedures start with an initial consultation. First and foremost, your surgeon will determine if you’re a good candidate. During your

surgical consultation for breast implant
Breast Implant Consultation

 you’ll then talk about what you hope to accomplish, if this is possible, and what outcomes you can expect. In many ways, your surgeon is interviewing for the job of performing your breast enhancement surgery. Before choosing, ask to see a portfolio of his or her work (before and after pictures). This gives you a chance to evaluate his or her work while also getting a better idea of what you want.

Always come prepared with questions. A great place to start the discussion is a list of questions developed by the FDA for just this purpose.

Which Implant is Best?

With the help of your surgeon you’ll decide what type of implant will work best for you. You’ll also decide on the specifics of your final look in terms of size and shape. Note that at this stage before and after pictures are essential.

During this initial appointment your doctor or their staff will take a full medical history. This covers current conditions that you have as well as a review of the medications you’re on. This includes Over the Counter (OTC) meds as well as supplements. Be sure to mention any previous surgeries you’ve had, especially in the chest area. Also bring up any drug allergies you have.

At this time, it is essential to tell your surgeon if you think you might be pregnant. If so, it’s best to postpone any action until after the delivery.

Other Considerations

If you’re considering implants for reconstructive purposes, then much more information must be taken into account. What type of cancer did you have? Is it in complete remission? Did you have radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both? Were there any complications? It’s important for your surgeon to know how much of your original breast tissue is present, and what type of screening schedule you’re on. It’s a more complicated situation, yet implants can be a crucial part of the reconstruction process after caner.

During Surgical Consultation for Breast Implant ask your surgeon for detailed information on the implants you plan on receiving. Your surgeon’s office should have this on file, and is expected to provide it. Take the time to read this in its entirety, and call the office with any questions. It includes instructions on how to care for your implants so it’s more important than it might seem.

Many implant manufacturers regularly conduct studies which examine the long term results of breast enhancement procedures. Clinical studies aimed at evaluating the performance of new products are also relatively common. If you’re interested ask your surgeon’s office. You could be a part of research which will affect thousands of women!

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