Okay, it’s midsummer and you’ve been wearing your bikini and looking at your belly button for quite a while now. Do you regret those attempts to have your belly button pierced? After giving birth or having a hernia, do you now have an “outie?” Were you born with a belly button that you are unhappy with? Bethel Park plastic surgeons want you to know that whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction, you don’t have to continue to live with a belly button you don’t like. At Advanced Liposuction Center, we offer umbilicoplasty. This surgical procedure can give you the belly button you desire. Below, are some frequently asked questions about umbilicoplasty and what it can do for you.

Is umbilicoplasty an outpatient procedure?

Yes. Umbilicoplasty is performed in our Cranberry Township office and usually takes less than an hour for our expert plastic surgeons to re-shape your belly button. Once finished, you’ll have a new and pleasing appearance.

Will I be asleep during the procedure?

The surgeon usually performs the umbilicoplasty under local anesthesia with mild sedation. If, you’re having a fat transfer done at the same time, you may be under general anesthesia.

Will umbilicoplasty leave a scar?

Since the incision will be hidden inside the new belly button and dissolving sutures are used, visible scars are unlikely.

What is the recovery like from umbilicoplasty?

This safe and effective procedure has very little down time. You’ll need someone to drive you home from the surgery, but should be able to return to most normal activities 24 hours after the procedure. Swelling for 2 to 4 weeks after surgery is normal. You should start walking immediately, but hold off on strenuous exercise for 2 to 3 weeks. Initially, you’ll need to wear compression stockings and should refrain from smoking and using alcohol. Follow all the doctor’s instructions to ensure a smooth recovery.

How do I know if umbilicoplasty is right for me?

Call our Pittsburgh office at 724-683-7581 for a free consultation. Our cosmetic surgeons will meet with you and help define your appearance goals. They will then guide you toward the best procedures for you.